Winter Wednesdays

Winter Wednesdays – February 2018

Welcome to our eighth year of Arlington Historical Society members gathering to hear interesting talks and enjoy refreshments on mid-winter mornings!

* Note:  Please check our website the morning of the scheduled talk for postponements or cancellations in event of inclement weather.

Richard Duffy – Penny Postcards from Arlington – February 7th

Add lots of nostalgic color to your February morning by enjoying vintage postcard images of Arlington.  Lively commentary will enhance our understanding of the wide variety of views to be shown.  Learn about the evolution of this communication device in America and how Arlington’s examples are emblematic of the “postcard craze” of the early 20th century.

Richard A. Duffy, Author and Historian.

Sara Lundberg – The Way We Wore: 19th Century Clothing from Our Collection – February 14th

Did you know that the Society has a large and interesting collection of historic clothing? Just like today, fashion is often a reflection of other issues, such as labor, commerce, gender, and social class. Explore how 19th century Arlingtonians expressed themselves through dress, and the messages such clothing conveyed.   Sara Lundberg,  Arlington Historical Society Director.

Pat Deal – The Massachusetts Glass Making Legacy – February 21st

In the early 19th century America imported many needed items but supply was often unstable.  A Federal embargo, on certain goods from England, early in the century and during the War of 1812, spurred domestic glass production.  Massachusetts took a lead in this industry.  By mid-century companies in Cambridge, Sandwich, Somerville, South Boston and later New Bedford produced household and decorative glass, lamp globes and lanterns sent across the country and to destinations around the world.  At the century’s end, only two companies continued Massachusetts operations due to factors that paralleled industrial growth in America.  The legacy of these Massachusetts glass works continues through the lasting quality of their products, the museums that tell their stories and the successor companies that continue producing glass to this day.  Pat Deal, Arlington Historical Society Member.

A History of the Arlington Police Department – February 28th

The Arlington Police Department is here to help us every minute of every day, but how much do you know about the history of the department? From 1853 when the Town hired its first (and only at the time) special police officer to arrest residents for gambling in town, to the tragic death of Officer Garrett Cody who was killed in the line of duty by his own service weapon, learn about the APD’s ever-evolving equipment and the history of the laws around town in this History of the Arlington Police Department presentation.  Arlington Police Department