Winter Wednesdays

Winter Wednesdays – February 2020

10 am at the Smith Museum of the Arlington Historical Society*
Welcome to our tenth year of Arlington Historical Society members gathering to hear interesting talks and enjoy refreshments on mid-winter mornings!

* Note:  Please check our website the morning of the scheduled talk for postponements or cancellations in event of inclement weather.

David Baldwin – Arlington’s Historic Preservation Movement: Creating Historic Districts – February 5th

David Baldwin will discuss the past, present and future of the historic preservation movement in Arlington with an emphasis on historic districts.   David Baldwin is a past President of the Arlington Historical Society.  He is currently a Commissioner of the Arlington Historic Districts Commission.

Adam Kurowski – Modernizing Municipal Maps – February 12th

Maps help visualize places and the relationship between places at a specific point in time. A look at Arlington’s historic map collection and you’ll see hand-drawn maps depicting farms, active mills and mill ponds, ice houses, and minimal development. Today, Arlington’s mapping is fully computerized, available freely on the Town’s website, used by staff on tablets and phones, used to conduct geographic and statistical analysis; includes underground pipes, our entire street tree inventory, a comprehensive database of properties, and so much more.  Come learn about the evolution of Arlington’s Geographic Information System (GIS), how maps and data help tell stories, and the importance of modern mapping in local government operations.   Adam Kurowski, is the Director of GIS / Systems Analyst, Town of Arlington.

Ken Pruitt – The Past, Present, and Future of Energy Use in Arlington – February 19th

Arlingtonians have taken advantage of a wide variety of energy sources from early settlement to the present, from firewood, whale oil and water wheels to coal, oil, nuclear power, natural gas and now increasingly renewable energy such as wind and solar power. What sources of energy will we use in the future?  Ken Pruitt will talk about the past, present, and future of energy use in Arlington.

Ken Pruitt is the Energy Manager of the Town of Arlington.

Howard Winkler – The Liberty Cap: a Symbol of Freedom – February 26th

The Liberty Cap was an American emblem of freedom at the time of our Revolution.  It is of ancient origin, and was worn by formerly enslaved persons to show that they were free.  In the early part of the 19th century due to the growing tensions between the North and the South over the issue of slavery this emblem of freedom was allowed to fade from our national consciousness.  Howard Winkler is a past President of the Arlington Historical Society.