Described in a letter from Barbara Winn “? The house with the body of water in front of . . . . a canal is Aunt Nina’s and great aunt Sarah’s house (37 Summer St.) next . . . at 57. I think it was . . . taken. . the railroad tracks. The brook was called Susen(?) Brooks and ran into the Mill Pond. The building to the left is a farm building at 57 Summer & part of the barn . . . . The land going down to the . . . was called the Orchard. My father gave it (in the 1930s) to the town of Arlington for a Park. They turned it into a dump. The layers had drawn the papers so badly that I was told there was nothing to be done. The brooks was well-named . . and it wasn’t the only su . . ch around. (I know you never liked that word but there is absolutely no substitutive point(?).)”

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