AHS Board Slate

Position 2018-2019 (Previous) 2019-2020 (Upcoming)
President Stuart Brorson Stuart Brorson
1st Vice President Rosemarie Smurzynski Pam Meister
2nd Vice President Patsy Kraemer Patsy Kraemer
Treasurer Alan Jones Alan Jones
Clerk Christine Bird Christine Cronin-Tocci
Director (Membership) Angela Olszewski George Parsons
Director Doris Birmingham Elaine Ropi
Director Paul Fennelly Paul Fennelly
Director Linda Cohn Linda Cohn
Director William Lyons William Lyons
Director Pam Meister Bob Tosi
Trustee George Parsons Rosemarie Smurzynski
Trustee Pete Howard Pete Howard
Trustee Al Stevens Al Stevens
Nominating Committee Bob Fredieu Doreen Stevens
Nominating Committee Susan Lum Susan Lum
Nominating Committee Elisabeth Carr Elisabeth Carr

The following changes are proposed to be made in the May election of officers – Rosemarie Smurzynski for Vice President, Pamela Meister for Director, and Elisabeth Carr-Jones will replace Colleen Cunningham on the Nominating Committee.

Officers of the Board

President: Stuart Brorson
Vice President: Pamela Meister
Vice President: Patsy Kraemer
Treasurer: Alan H. Jones
Membership Manager: Angela Olszewski
Clerk: Christine Bird

Doris Birmingham
Linda Cohn
Paul Fennelly
Angela Olszewski
William Lyons
Rosemarie Smurzynski

Peter B. Howard
George H. Parsons
Al Stevens

Museum Director: Sara Lundberg
Caretaker: Gregory Stathopoulos


Buildings and Grounds
Robert L. Fredieu

Chairperson: Pamela Meister
Richard A. Duffy
Jeanne Meister
Thomas Potter
Doreen Stevens
Lisa Welter
Elizabeth Andrews

Chairperson: Robert L. Fredieu
Colleen Cunningham
Lori Rogers-Stokes

Chairperson: Patsy Kraemer
Richard Duffy
Jean P. Dolan (Hospitality)
Winter Wednesdays: Colleen Cunningham

Publicity and Marketing

Tour Guides
Chairperson: Doris Birmingham
Stuart Brorson
Susan Lum
Kathy Way
Colleen Cunningham
Melanie Evans

Paul Fennelly
Robert L. Fredieu
George H. Parsons

Webmaster: Albert L. Stevens
Prince Hall Mystic Arlington Cemetery Association, Liaison: Alan Jones