Stock Donation

 Giving Appreciated Stock to the Arlington Historical Society

A gift of appreciated stock held for more than one year may provide significant benefits to you as a donor, and will benefit the Arlington Historical Society and it’s ongoing mission of preserving Arlington’s history for future generations.  When donating appreciated stock, the benefits to you include:

  • You are eligible for an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock.
  • You may eliminate the capital gains tax you would ordinarily pay on appreciated stock.
  • Your donation will give you a tax deduction of up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Any unused deductions can be carried forward over the next five years.

If you have stock that has declined in value over time, donating it to the Historical Society can also yield benefits, particularly if you sell the stock first and then contribute the proceeds to us.  This strategy should allow you to claim a deduction for both the loss from the stock sale as well as the charitable gift to the Historical Society.

If you have any doubts about the tax implications, you should consult with your financial adviser before initiating any stock donation.

There are two ways to make a donation of stock: by Physical Delivery or through an Electronic Transfer Authorization. Please notify us of your decision as part of the donation process.

  • Physical Delivery: If you have stock certificates, you may deliver them in person, by registered mail, or by courier to the Arlington Historical Society. If the stock certificates are registered in your name, you will need to provide an “Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power Form”.  This form should be available from your brokerage.
  • Electronic Transfer: Your broker can electronically transfer your stock to the Arlington Historical Society.  Because this request must be made in writing please contact us and we will provide you an Electronic Transfer Authorization form to fulfill this request.

Thank you for donating your stock to the Arlington Historical Society!