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An Ordinary Family: The History of the Reeds

This exhibit follows the Reed family, who lived in Arlington, Massachusetts for almost two centuries. For many years, the family lived in what is now known as the Fowle-Reed-Wyman home on Old Mystic Street. Although an ordinary family, the Reeds give insight into the lived experiences of colonial and post-colonial New England.

Introduction– An Ordinary Family: The History of the Reeds 

Queen of the Mystic: Squaw Satchem

Arrival of the Reeds in America

Reed Family Tree

Daniel Reed (1666 – 1741) and Colonial New England Farms

Seth Reed: Farmer and Slave Owner

Slavery in Colonial New England

Daniel Reed (1742-1801) and the Revolutionary War

The Women of the Reed Family

19th Century to the Present: Captain Daniel Reed and his Descendants