In memory of Nina Winn at Christmas

An excerpt from the diary of Miss Nina L. Winn, December 23, 1916:

No flowers at [florist David] Duncan’s
& Mrs. Duncan there because he is so poorly,
[to] cemetery with my 2 wreaths – couldn’t
afford more.

Regular readers of Nina Winn’s diaries will be familiar with passages throughout the years, in which she describes her faithful trips to Mount Pleasant Cemetery on anniversaries and other special occasions, to decorate the graves of her parents and of her brother Arthur, who died as a teenager.

Nina’s memory is honored at this Christmas, in a manner keeping with a tradition she so deeply valued.

Dec 17, 2016 photograph
Dec 17, 2016 photograph




2 thoughts on “In memory of Nina Winn at Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for keeping up with Nina, I have grown quite fond of her, so impressive how many friends she had (and now has! because of you) and how easily she got around to wherever she was going, and how she managed as a single woman in those times, she certainly didn’t act like an ‘old maid’…

    I have a question: Where is the cemetery where she is buried? I would like to visit. I’m fairly new to Arlington, so please include some landmarks, as I don’t know my way around as well as Nina did!

    Thanks for your great work!

    All the zest,

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