Mabel Winn

On Mabel and George

Mabel Winn
Mabel Winn, anniversary photo

Mabel Hartwell married George Winn, Wednesday, October 14, 1903. Because the diary of George’s sister, Nina Winn, is being serialized for Arlington residents in a local e-list through the kindness of local resident, Stu Galley, we have heard much about the couple.

George Winn
George Winn, anniversary photo

On the day of the wedding, Nina writes: “Just a great old day.” Much of the day Nina did what she always did: dusted, washed clothes, shelled peas on the piazza, and made pudding. Her part in the nuptial arrangements for the day was to clean and press George’s flannels and stockings and be ready to leave for the Cambridge ceremony by 3:45pm.

Actually she had one other important role: she helped keep the wedding secret! Even neighbors who saw her leave in her finery thought only that she was leaving “early” for another local wedding (Helen Wyman’s) held later that evening: “Not a soul knew when the wedding was to be…”

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