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  1. Sorry for the delay – here’s some info via Lisa Welter:
    “Clara or Claramon Augusta Teel, born in Winchendon, Mass., August 26, 1854 (making her a similar age to “Aunt Sue”), daughter of Mary (Peirce) Teel and Thomas E. Teel; married first Dr. Henry Watson who died 1888; married second Willaim H. Toutt. She had one daughter from her first marriage, Susie Augusta Watson, b. 1880, who graduated from Mt. Holyoke College in 1901 and then went nursing school in Newton. Two children by second marriage, Laurel Maud and Russell Alfred (b. 1892 and 1893). Susanna Winn died in Winchedon.

    Susanna discusses her visit to Mount Holyoke to attend her cousins graduation in her 1901 diary. While visiting, she was given a tour by a junior named Frances; I’m 99% sure that Frances was none other than Frances Perkins.”

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