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1964: Views of Arlington Center east of Mystic Street

  It’s 1964. Comets could be seen streaking down Massachusetts Avenue. The Comet automobile, that is. Some likely purchased at Arlington’s Bonnell & Stokes Lincoln-Mercury-Comet dealership located between the Center and the Heights. But I digress . . . . This post continues one from last month, offering a unique tour of Arlington Center over … Continue reading 1964: Views of Arlington Center east of Mystic Street

Tornadoes In Arlington

On Tuesday, June 24, 2015 Arlington residents were under a tornado watch until 11 p.m.  Luckily the time passed without incident.  There were at least two destructive tornadoes in 19th century Arlington; one in 1851 and another in 1871.  Both tornadoes happened on hot August days. The 1851 tornado is described as more severe, and … Continue reading Tornadoes In Arlington

Old Town Hall

Centennial Celebration of Arlington Town Hall

These are selected images from the 2013 Centennial Celebration of Arlington Town Hall display at Robbins Library, and the “Picture Postcard Perfect!” display installed in the lobby of Town Hall. The complete storyboards, displayed throughout May 2013, were designed and written by Richard A. Duffy. Images are from the collections of the Arlington Historical Society … Continue reading Centennial Celebration of Arlington Town Hall

Jason Russell House1885

Vintage photos of the Jason Russell House

This page contains five selected images related to the Jason Russell House. Click on any of them to launch the slide show. [hr] For more images of Arlington as it appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, see Richard Duffy’s new series ‘Images of History’ on Wicked Local, Arlington.

Jason Russell House

George A. Smith Had a Dream

The Smith Museum is named in honor of three generations of Smiths: George A. Smith, Reverend Samuel Abbot Smith, and Reverend Abiel Abbot. The funds for the museum building itself were donated by Elizabeth Abbot Smith, George A. Smith’s daughter, who inherited her father’s fortune and realized his vision for his beloved Jason Russell House.

Pattee Bakery and Hiram Lodge

Worshipful Master and Grand Baker, Jesse P. Pattee

Jesse Peaslee Pattee (1804-1863) was both a Master of the Hiram Lodge and it’s landlord, for Hiram Lodge met in Menotomy Hall, the second story of Mr. Pattee’s own bake shop A large room, fifteen by forty feet with an oval ceiling, Menotomy Hall was a fitting home for the lodge’s fifty members—especially in winter … Continue reading Worshipful Master and Grand Baker, Jesse P. Pattee